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Radar Detector

K40 RLS2 Radar Detector Review

They were something everyone had, but were they actually helpful?  We are talking about a Radar Detector.  Have they gotten better? In the world of automotive technology it is no secret that it is constantly changing.  Some technology is making life so difficult it makes you want to go back to a carbed setup and […]

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Take A Trip Through San Boldo Pass In Italy

[KGVID width=”1150″ height=”647″][/KGVID] There are many beautiful places on this earth to drive and enjoy, however there are none that provide a better experience than San Boldo Pass in Italy.  Sit back and enjoy it from the safety of your home or office.  Make sure and let us know what you think in the comment […]

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The Slammed Ham

[KGVID width=”1050″ height=”591″][/KGVID] The Slammed Ham and camper are sure to turn some heads at any show it attends.

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Is Your Lift Safe?

When it comes to vehicle lift’s lets face it, most guys just want one in there garage at home.  I mean they make working on our projects much easier.  It is easy to run across a deal on one and snatch it up because we don’t have one.  When you look at most lift’s, they […]

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GSXR1000 Powered Volkswagen Beetle

It is no secret that back in the day, Volkswagen was not concerned with horsepower when the Beetle was designed.  It was created as the go anywhere car, the easily fixed car, and the cheap car to do just about anything in.  People have been modifying these cars for decades trying to get another pony […]

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The Low Life

If you have only ever been to muscle car shows, or tuner shows, you are missing out on one of the funnest shows you will ever go too.  Tons of Lowrider and Minitruck shows go down every year so just take your pick.  A lot of old fashioned people see this way of life as […]

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