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Radar Detector

K40 RLS2 Radar Detector Review

They were something everyone had, but were they actually helpful?  We are talking about a Radar Detector.  Have they gotten better? In the world of automotive technology it is no secret that it is constantly changing.  Some technology is making life so difficult it makes you want to go back to a carbed setup and […]

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Craziest Crashes Ever Caught On Camera

[showad block=1]If you aren’t running a dash cam in your vehicle, you will after watching this video.  In many foreign countries, insurance fraud is a huge problem when it comes to wrecks.  Often times blame is passed on to the other driver.  Due to these reasons, the drivers have to run a dash cam at […]

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Big Rig Road Rage

[showad block=1] You always here about road rage and many of us have had our fair share of it.  Many have dreamed of just ramming that idiot going 45 mph in the fast lane.  Have you ever done it?  This big rig driver was sick of this “four wheeler” and decided to do something about […]

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Speeding Cop

Man Pulls Over Speeding Cop

So we have all been driving down the road and seen the cop in front of us change lanes without using a turn signal, or roll through a stop sign right?  Thought to yourself, man I should pull him over and give him a ticket, or a citizens arrest, like that would ever happen.  In […]

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1915 Indian Motorcycles

Fire Breathing Indian, Circa Indian Motorcycles 1915

What you see here is a beautiful, original, unrestored, boardtrack racer.  Built by Indian Motorcycles in 1915. [KGVID width=”1150″ height=”647″][/KGVID] There is no doubt that this thing was not only a blast to ride, but a chore as well.  Today we have kevlar, fire retardent riding gear.  They didn’t have anything to protect their legs […]

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This Guy’s Car Noises Sound Better Than Most Cars

There is nothing quite like that perfect exhaust note, that only comes from a well tuned engine backed by a high end, typically, expensive exhaust.  But this guy takes matters in to his own hands…..or mouth rather.  Car noises from a can? [KGVID width=”1050″ height=”788″][/KGVID] There is no denying this dudes talent.  Have you ever […]

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Take A Trip Through San Boldo Pass In Italy

[KGVID width=”1150″ height=”647″][/KGVID] There are many beautiful places on this earth to drive and enjoy, however there are none that provide a better experience than San Boldo Pass in Italy.  Sit back and enjoy it from the safety of your home or office.  Make sure and let us know what you think in the comment […]

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Snow Rally Insanity

Typically rally racing is done in the dirt, mud, and some pavement, however this looks to be much more fun.  In this video you will see some rather impressive driving.  This dude is just absolutely killing it! [KGVID width=”1000″ height=”900″][/KGVID]

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Driving Dogs

Would you believe it if I told you that these dogs drive better than some people you know?  The SPCA has been working on a special project as of late.  Driving dogs?  Yes, driving dogs.  They have trained three dogs to drive so far.    Though it appears they barely look at what is in […]

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Coal Rollin Boat

[KGVID width=”400″ height=”224″][/KGVID] That is one nasty coal rolling machine!

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