Category: Rat Rods

The Rat Cat

We introduce to you the “Rat Cat.”  This build is pure genius.  You have old hot rod body lying around with an old Cat frame and viola you have your new build.  This is unlike any rat rod we have seen before.  This build took the best of both worlds and made something extremely unique […]

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Flame Throwing Hot Rod

Seems like every single time I go to start the grill, campfire, or a bond fire I never can seem to find a lighter or matches.  That is never a problem with this sweet Hot Rod,  simply back up and let her rip, INSTANT FIRE!

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Cummins F100

This 1964 Ford F100 Surely turns some heads with it’s chrome stacks, petina body, and lowered stance.  But what’s really neat about this little Rat Rod is the Cummins 4bt nestled under the hood. Sure it is probably the loudest in cab experience you have ever experienced, but it also has to be the funnest!

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