Cop Ripping Up Some Tires In The Burnout Box

Cop Burnout thumbnail

Unfortunately law enforcement officers seem to get a bad rap when it comes to the car crowd.  Whether it be handing out cruising citations, or busting up car meets with loitering tickets, most of the time officers are not welcome in the eyes of the auto enthusiasts.


But let’s set all of that animosity aside and enjoy this video.  Not all Cops are set out to ruin your parade, in fact many Cops are enthusiasts themselves.  It is pretty obvious at this Oktoberfest burnout event.  The Grant Park Police Department decided to get out one of there money pit cruisers that seems to be in the shop more than out on the streets.  What better way to blow the soot out of the pipes after a few months of sitting, than to put it in the burnout box and let her eat some tires for the crowd?