Is Your Lift Safe?

Lift Safety thumbnail

When it comes to vehicle lift’s lets face it, most guys just want one in there garage at home.  I mean they make working on our projects much easier.  It is easy to run across a deal on one and snatch it up because we don’t have one.  When you look at most lift’s, they all pretty much look the same or close.  They all look like they will lift that crew cab F350 dually.  In reality, lift’s are just like everything else in this world, there are good ones, and there are bad ones as well.  You have to pay to play.  In this video we see that not all lifts are built the same and of the same quality.

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So is your lift up to standards?  Make sure and let us know what kind of lift you are using and what kind of luck you have had with it in the comments section below!