Old School Minitruckin

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Minitruckin has been around for a few decades now.  Minitrucks were built by manufacturers to give people an alternative to the gas guzzling full size pickups that consumers were plagued with if they wanted to haul around there stuff. The styles in which people build them have changed many times, and drastically.  For example, no days people try to put the biggest wheels they can fit, go the lowest they can get, and have adjustable suspension such as airbags or hydraulics.

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Back in the good ole days it was 13 inch wire Daytons and cut springs, blow threw cabs and sweet camper tops.  We can’t forget about the crazy sound systems and insane bed dancing setups either.  If you were not around to experience those days, this video will clue you in on some of the craziness that use to go down at shows.  Do you remember this style?  Let us know about it in the comments section below!