The Low Life

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If you have only ever been to muscle car shows, or tuner shows, you are missing out on one of the funnest shows you will ever go too.  Tons of Lowrider and Minitruck shows go down every year so just take your pick.  A lot of old fashioned people see this way of life as just ruining perfectly good cars, and if you are a purist then yes, they are ruined.


As you can see in the video, tons, and tons of work go in to these gravel pushing rides.  It takes a lot of money and hours upon hours of fabrication to get a minitruck to “lay body” or a lowrider to hop or pull a three wheel.  Most of the guys and girls that build these rides are true, hardcore, enthusiasts that truly live “The Low Life” lifestyle.  I would compare this crowd to a hardcore biker.  They eat, sleep, and breath “Low”.