Tool Box Trick

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Probably the most valuable thing a mechanic could ever have in his or her’s shop is of course a tool box.  Many people go for years using a cheap box bought at your local tool store and risk theft every time they leave for the day.  Most mechanics that have been doing it for a long time have long ago upgraded to a premium box such as a Mac or a Snap On like the one in this video.  Mechanics pay upwards up Ten thousand dollars sometimes for these box’s for many reasons such as quality, space, attachments, versatility, and most importantly they are safe from thieves……Or so they thought.  As we see in this video, the high dollar box’s are just as likely to get broken in to as any other box.  Now keep in mind that when these box’s are completely locked down tight it is fairly hard to get in to them without damaging the box and leaving evidence that someone was there.  If even one drawer is not closed completely when locked up for the day, unfortunately every single drawer can be accessed and cleaned out while you are sitting at home eating supper with your family after a long days work.  Moral of the story is double check every drawer at the end of the day.